Your Health, Your Wealth.

The year 2020 has been a time where many have had an opportunity to get in touch with themselves at depth and re-evaluate the paths they are on in their lives. In March 2020, COVID-19 hit Kenya and this was the beginning of long days for many. People lost jobs, some had to work from home, others got stuck in different locations for months unending. These days were indeed different, difficult, and even unbearable to so many. Eventually, some of the restrictions were lifted and some people were able to go back to work. It seemed as though things had returned to normalcy. In these recent days, however, the cases of COVID-19 patients have been on the rise. People now know friends and family who have been infected unlike when we first began. It almost seems like the vigilance in handwashing, sanitizing, and social distancing has declined. That said, here are a few things to think about as we continue to get through these unfriendly days:
The total number of deaths is topping 1.33 million, and remember that these could be people you know and it could have been someone even closer to you. Understandably, we desire to mingle and be with those we love, but we also have to make sure that we keep ourselves safe.  This disease is real and just because nobody you know has Covid-19 doesn’t mean you can’t contract it.
If you have to go out for work or business, take precautions by observing the simple steps of avoiding crowded places or being near people. Take responsibility for your health as you need to put measures in place that keeps you out of harm’s way because the only way to flatten the curve is to be responsible.
Just because you know someone, doesn’t guaranty they are free from covid-19, a very dangerous mindset to say the least as these days nobody is safe. You need to extend the same measure of precaution with both people you know as well as those you don’t know. If you happen to move around a lot, ensure you take the necessary precautions as often as you can within your movement. Our medical officers are doing all they can to keep the death toll to a minimum. Let us remember that they too are human and have families waiting for them at home. Play your part and help flatten the curve and make these days more endurable, and we should continue to support them as they take all the risks while fighting this pandemic. For you who is reading this piece, be vigilant, and take care of yourself as having good health is supreme in achieving dreams and goals. I urge you to endure this season as our scientists will soon find a solution and life will go back to normal.  Keeping safe always is important so that we don’t have regrets. Let’s all keep hope alive.  


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