Why Advertise your Business Online with Marquee

Marquee is a top and leading online advertising platform where as an advertiser, vendor, seller or service provider can market products and services online in Kenya because of consumer visibility and accessibility. Marquee is that online advertising and marketing platform that brings together affordability, security and visibility of products, all in one place to give you return on your investments when advertising on Marquee.

Here are some of the reasons why you should advertise online on Marquee:

  1. Package – Based Platform. Marquee is an online advertising platform that offers package-based advertisement plans/packages. You can select a suitable option based on what you want to spend and how many clicks and not impressions that you’d wish to have for your advertised product/service. These packages include: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze with Platinum being the one with the highest number of clicks followed by Gold, Silver and Bronze respectively.

  2. Affordability: –  A good online advertising platform should come with affordability. Marquee as a top online advertising platform in Kenya allows the advertiser to select a package they are comfortable with. This means one can easily promote their businesses online and get conversions by paying an amount that they are willing to spend and get results.

  3. Potential Sales Lead: – A perfect online advertising platform for your business should be one that generates potential leads for your products/services advertised on the platform. Marquee assures your Ads a higher reach to potential online consumers who are willing to contact you directly through your phone number, social media and by visiting your websites/portal.

  4. Maximum Digital Experience: – Marquee online advertising platform gives sellers an upper hand to be present online 24/7 and 365-days with maximum online security.  Using a good online advertising platform like Marquee reduces the cost of running a brick and mortar store which even makes it possible to do business from/to anywhere. The capability of this online advertising platform in Kenya makes it easier for consumers to carry out efficient online window shopping at their convenience. This results to effective business activities that promotes inherent supply chain.

  5. Data Analytics: – As an advertiser, you need an online advertising platform that gives you capabilities to access real-time data on the performance of your advert with reference to the clicks achieved across all your social media platforms, emails, WhatsApp and website visits. Marquee being a top online advertising platform has an advertiser dashboard that gives a breakdown of the number of clicks on each channel and can help you to make decisions on the best channels to promote your business and from which channel your business has got the most visibility and accessibility.

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