What Next After COVID-19!

This pandemic had hit the world over, and somehow everyone is still fighting to stay afloat and relevant, with lingering thoughts of when will this be over, or we have to accept it as a new normal? The majority of the population has jumped into new ideas – innovation to try fresh and viable business models to fit economically and socially during these hard times by reinventing their crafts moving forwards. The big question remains, what will normal look like after this pandemic spell is over? It is unlikely that things will switch back to exactly how we were before. It’s not a secret that a lot will change. For starters, people are more likely to remain careful with their interactions. Precaution will be a norm for most people as they will want to remain healthy and up to their tasks. Another change that is likely to take effect is the reinvention of companies. Business owners will have to set up in ways that will make them indispensable, admissible, and pertinent, and their operations will have to move from passive and bureaucratic to active and technological. In as much as the pandemic flooded us with many life adjustments, a few good things have been birthed from it as well. With working from home companies & government directive, there has been minimal congestion in major cities and towns. This has therefore led to less environmental pollution worldwide especially from those industrialized countries that spew smoke from their industries, in Kenya. Both the county and national governments are pushing for different infrastructure projects to completion.  Young innovative minds are also having opportunities to explore their ideas and bring them into reality.  Because of spending time indoors most of the time, families have also grown closer and nature is healing itself because of less human interruption – less pollution that is. Life after COVID-19 may not be so obvious or easy to determine.  However, with the changes that different people have gone through in these days of solitude, we can only imagine the better days ahead. We must first have to appreciate ourselves for staying strong during these hard times and choosing to keep moving on without surrender.  This season has only reminded us of what we truly are made of, and once the borders are open and commerce bounces back, only the best versions of ourselves will be launched – Fall Forward. The days to come are brighter and more so, you and I are going to conquer and take the world by storm. So, as we continue to keep safe, also empower and improve yourself for the days to comes. Feel free to share with us what you are doing in preparation for the end of the pandemic in the comment section below.


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