Tips To Work From Home

Many changes have come about as a result of the worldwide COVID 19 pandemic. To contain the spread of the corona virus, many governments around the world issued a stay at home directive to their citizens.   The corporate space has been affected by this directive as managers still expect their employees to be 100% productive.  While working from home could seem easy for some people, others encounter distractions.  Here are some practical tips you can use to enhance productivity while working from home.  Be Prepared  The essence of this is to get your mind and body in work mode. Be ready for teleconference meetings with clients, colleagues or your boss.   Set Up a Work Space  Set aside an area where you can set up a home office that will facilitate a good environment; Quiet with minimal distractions. This doesn’t have to be expensive or too elaborate. It could be an empty room in your house or an idle corner where you can set up a desk. Invest in home computer, access to Wi-Fi and if possible a power back up system.  Schedule Your Working Hours A routine is an integral part of making sure that working from home is an absolute success. The perks of working from home is that you can be flexible with your time. Remember to use your most productive time of the day wisely so that you get to do as much as you can.  Have a To Do List  Set daily objectives or tasks. A to-do list will help you improve your performance, meet your deadlines and grow your skill set overall. You can write down a list of tasks and cross every item off as you move on.   Take Short Breaks Taking short breaks in between your working hours is a healthy way to maintain your productivity levels. You could use these breaks to clear your mind, take a healthy snack or even read funny jokes to ease the pressure. Ensure that the breaks are well-timed so that they do not interfere with your schedule.   Share with us what working from home is like for you.


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