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COVID-19 has been referred to as the Black Swan of 2020. The general consensus by trends analysts, including the IMF, is that we need to brace for even greater worldwide shifts in our everyday lives. As more people get acquainted with the new reality of a world in which human contact is consciously limited, a need for more tailored solutions to current issues is growing. Shelter-in-place protocols are also ongoing, not just in Kenya, but globally. The simple pleasures of attending a loved one’s wedding, having friends over for dinner, going out to a restaurant to eat, attending classes and graduating, having an office meeting, have all been limited by social distancing measures. How do we cope with this new normal? Technology!

Thought leaders are constantly innovating and advancing technologically in response to people’s daily activities. Say you’re craving that three-inch, charcoal-broiled steak from your favorite restaurant, Guess what? You can just order online and have it delivered to your doorstep. You’re missing your family and can’t have them over for dinner, you can video call them and “have dinner” together. Virtually, of course. You’re in the middle of your school term and can’t attend classes, technologies got you because learning institutions have put in place online teaching and learning content for instructors and learners respectively. In Kenya, for example, lessons are being broadcasted and the schedules for each learning level being shared with the public. Video conferencing and teleconferencing platforms have become even more relevant now more than ever, with an influx of companies hosting meetings with their employees working from home. The playing ground is shifting and fast.

To keep up with these daily pressures, made more acute by the COVID-19 pandemic, innovators are stepping up their game. Ngamia Haulers Platform, which recently made three cutting-edge logistic solution apps available to the public on Google Play is one of those innovators. These apps are Ngamia Transporter, Ngamia Driver and Ngamia Customer. Game-changers! At one point or another, most of us have wanted to move items from one place to another and dreaded the hustle of getting a reliable transporter to facilitate the process. Some have had one-off great experiences with their transporter, but not all the time. Other times the experience was a tad frustrating. What with the no-show driver who picks the first three calls and goes dark afterwards? Or the driver who shows up and gets the customer started on a one-hour price haggling session? The customer is more drained by the bargaining than the actual transportation process, and it still isn’t a win-win outcome.

Well, the Ngamia Customer App saves the customer the trouble and ensures the great experience is a constant and not a one-off. From the comfort of their home, they can order a truck, van or even water tankers. Limitless options are available for different logistics needs. Being able to track the progress of your order to completion is definitely a plus, all while you stay home and observe the call to self-isolate. Yes, the world as we know it is changing, and our everyday challenges are morphing along with it. But technological advancements are helping us cope better, ever so slightly.


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