Smart Technology and Transport

Most of us have been in situations where we needed to deliver products, are stranded in the middle of the road and needing towing services, moving houses, or just needing emergency services.  Accessing these reliable services has been a challenge especially reliable ones because we have to either go through brokerage systems or know people who know whoever can carry out the services (referrals) or just take a walk and look for these services ourselves which is time-consuming.  But with innovations and technology, mobile phones and internet connections have made it possible and easy to access these services seamlessly in the comfort of our homes and in the palm of one’s hand especially in the transport sector by providing easy and secure solutions.  With Ngamia Apps platform we have conveniently and purposely made them available in the app stores Install, Register and effectively realize the best digital customer experience.  Here are some of the benefits of using smart technology to access transport services. Access to Information Getting to know more about the service providers (Transporter/Driver) you are going to use is a way of gaining confidence in their service delivery, and through our consolidated information and due diligence process, we provide enough information to instill just that.  There are also possibilities of looking for more information about the service providers through their websites on how they do business, the services they provide, and most importantly get access to all the relevant contacts Convenience In the business of transportation and logistics, there is a need for urgency where things are needed to be handled quickly and easily be it from a customer, driver, or transporter perspective.  This kind of efficiencies and convenience through technology makes you go about your business without worrying about having to go physically to the company offices. Convenience also plays out when you may be stranded in the middle of nowhere which is hectic especially with anxiety and not knowing where you are and it’s an emergency with urgent need of an ambulance, where panic and chaos kicks in.  But with smartphones and internet access the convenience is real with technology. Security Generally being humans we find solace in getting updates on where our goods are? who is delivering it and how long it will take to get to us. Using Ngamia Apps to track your goods and services from the beginning to the end of the transport process always gives a sense of assurance that your goods are secure and just in case of anything you are able to know. Effectiveness and Accountability With information and Apps that enable you to track your service through alerts and notification, you feel the effectiveness of technology and some element of accountability from the platform and the service providers which make mobile technology so cool indeed.  

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