She Soars

They are intelligentconfident, sassy, resolute, strong-willed, creative, compassionate, persistent and bold despite life’s challenges or obstacles or what they have been through as they hold their heads up high to overcome the stereotyping.  They are not afraid to keep grinding to conquer the job market, and business world and not even counting the number of times they have failed and synonymously using the tagline of Winston Churchilquote – “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm”.  They dust and encourage themselves knowing that tomorrow shall be better as long as they keep hope and dream through the opportunity presented to them by Ngamia Haulers Platform Ltd.  Please learn more by visiting the company website  They burn the midnight oil, wake-up in the wee hours to prepare presentations, roll up sleeves, making hands dirty in solidarity with the male counterparts to succeed in their endeavour and to meet company deadlines.  Because of the Midas Touch, everything they put they hands on like the Ngamia Apps succeeds.  The secret is in research, digital marketing, business development, proposal writing, financial management, collaboration and understanding the brand and productsliterally 24-hours are productive time because they own the process jointly and are walking office.  These workforce sacrifices gratification for experience knowing that as long as they are experienced, the fulfilment will be a by-product – SUCCESS, and that’s why they sharpen skills by networking and learning from other like-minded in the society.  Definitely there is going to be light at the end of the tunnel as they start to be recognized through the eyes of the products Conceptualized, Designed, Developed, Packetized and Monetized.  Even though the processes have been humbling, the steps and impact made can be felt and will continue resonate for generations to come. Just like an Eagle, they soar!  By Maggie Esheri  


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