1. Introduction

NHP understands it’s a big responsibility to protect all your data entrusted by you to us


NHP understands that all data collected by us remains yours.  You can at any time request for the same to be removed from our platform.  NHP will at all time protect your data and ring fence it against unauthorized access or intrusion.  Our system design, and data storage guarantees protection of your data.  Any violation of privacy to your data shall immediately be reported to the relevant authorities.


Any personal data received from source be private or public shall go under RIGOROUS process of due diligence to ensure clean data into our platform.


  • Our system uses Two Factor Authentication to protect your account and access.


  • We employ the use of agents who are rigorously vetted to safeguard your data uploaded in our system, through encryption to prevent hacking.


  • Full encryption of all your data on transit, or at rest


  • Restriction of data access to only authorized person (Role Based Access) within our system who have strict contractual obligations as to confidentiality whose breach calls for a severe disciplinary action.


  • One-Time Password (OTP) is used for access


  • Delete and Export

Your personal information in our system is solely yours

You can delete in its entirety Ngamia Account and request in writing that your data with NHP be deleted as well.