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Thank you for your interest in Joining Ngamia Haulers Platform! We welcome applications for Super Agents, Agents, Transporters and DriversĀ  with a passion for improving lives around the world.

Who is a Transporter?

A Service Provider who owns one or more vehicles, has the responsibility to on-board Vehicles and Drivers, bid for Jobs/Business and also allocate jobs to drivers on the Ngamia Haulers Platform.

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Who is a Driver?

An Individual who has been listed by a Transporter or working as a Freelancer to operate vehicles. They facilitate transportation through driving and vehicle operation on behalf of the Service Provider for the Subscriber.

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Who is a Super Agent?

A business owner with a jurisdiction of an area of operation to on-board Transporters, Drivers and Vehicles for business listing.

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Who is an Agent?

A Human resource attached to a Super-Agent through full employment or contract to carry out on boarding of Transporters, Drivers and Vehicles under supervision of a Super-Agent.

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