Moving House Golden Rules

Moving house has always been exciting and challenging all at the same time. This is one area of life experience which is a must for both our growth and adventures. Therefore, getting prepared psychologically and physically are some of the attributes that just have to be embraced and patience becomes a virtue. At Ngamia, we would like to prepare you technologically, logistically, and also set your expectations just right especially when you are ready to just do it – move. Here are some of the five (5) golden rules in preparation: –

Visit the New Place Before Hand

As you prepare to relocate, and way before the move day, it’s paramount to visit the new location to ensure that things are in order for a seamless transition. Some of the things to look into are like the route and distance estimation to the new place, kind of vehicle you shall need based on capacity and road accessibility, and generally to familiarize one’s self with the environment regarding shopping center, health facilities, educational institutions, petrol stations, and emergency services like fire brigade, police stations, and of course not forgetting nitty-gritty of house security, clean water availability, and disposal services.


Essentially every piece of item in your house is valuable, and some management is needed especially when it’s time to move to that new place and space. To start on a clean slate, some decluttering is needed to sort out stuff nicely and beautifully. Consider a garage sale to raise cash from things you don’t need, donate to charity, organizations, and maybe friends, and finally, dispose of what would not add value to anybody. These are strictly personal choices, but worth considering to help reduce transportation costs.

Formulate an Inventory

Now you are left with more manageable items and must-have stuff. Take time to formulate an inventory to help put value and ownership into perspective of the remaining stuff. This will also inform on what needs to be bought for use at the new place.


Another important process in this whole this is sorting, packing, and labeling (packaging) of items. You will need good quality material cartons to pack in order to safeguard against loss and damage. Packaging should happen for every room in the house accordingly to avoid misplacement, and confusion during unpackaging at the new place. This process should be executed meticulously with indications of “Fragile” and “This Side Up” labels.

Moving Logistics

Finally, it’s that time to move from the Old to New place. Deciding for movers to come, day and time should have been made way much earlier with specific requirements e.g. handlers to avoid surprises as all details had been capture in Golden Rule – 1 and 4. This means that the whole process and settling into the new space will be flawless.

A moving experience, coupled with these five (5) Golden Rules and using Ngamia Apps to realize Convenience, Efficiency, Affordability, Security, and Effectiveness has never been easier.

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