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From an individual standard point to a wide perspective of Small to Medium-sized Enterprises (SME), there is a dependency on transportation needs or rather movement of goods, products, or produce from one point to the other.  The movement of people and things are classical ways of catalyzing growth in the civilized world and population, ancient times even during the industrial revolution. The freedom of movement is known to have necessitated explorations, development, as it is also a human right.  However, due to 2019 pandemic breakout of coronavirus (COVID-19), there are indeed minimal movements due to health reasons coupled with governments directives and restrictions to help minimize the spread of this deadly disease.  Given the circumstances beforehand, the majority of our population who have smartphones, can access internet technologies and specifically mobile applications like Ngamia Apps have an upper hand in managing their transportation needs and logistics seamlessly from the comfort of their homes.  These kinds of mobile apps support requests for services conveniently for delivery of services and products at doorsteps promptly and safely. Ngamia Apps platform offers Transporters and Drivers an opportunity to fit in business especially when it comes to transportation and logistics needs.  This ecosystem of apps makes it very easy for the consumer/subscriber to request for services and make better financial choices that would meet already constraint budgets. Ngamia platform provides end-to-end software-based tracking on all the apps when provisioning services from the source to destination.  This sort of service provides some element of peace of mind (security) when its coupled with in-app alerts and notifications, and especially when customer’s/subscriber’s requests are fulfilled.  When there is efficiency and effectiveness of service provision, prompt systems payment, service rating, these add value to the entire ecosystem and confidences, hence the regular usability of technology to help execute these mundane daily tasks. The whole ecosystem is technologically/digitally synchronized in matters time both picking, dispatch and delivery, alerts/notification, payment procedures and processes, allocation of jobs, bidding functionality, and software tracking.  These functionalities make the Ngamia Apps platform an amazing ecosystem to be used most of the time in matters transportation. By Edinah Bakora & Jonathan Ndede

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