Mental Health & Psycho-social Response

In any pandemic, epidemic, or endemic, it’s typical for individuals to feel stressed and worried, and some of the common responses of the affected persons directly or indirectly are: – Fear of the unknown
  1. To attend medical attention at health facilities for becoming infected while in care
  2. Losing livelihoods, not able to work during isolation, and of being dismissed from work
  3. Being socially excluded by being put in quarantine because of association or associated with the disease because of its origin or affected areas
  4. Feeling powerless in protecting or losing loved ones because of the pandemic
  5. Being separated from loved ones and caregivers due to quarantine regime
  6. Refusal to care for unaccompanied or separated minors, people with disabilities or elderly due to infection because parents or caregivers have been taken into quarantine
  7. Feelings of helplessness, boredom, loneliness, and depression due to isolation
  8. Reliving of stressful and previous epidemic emergency experiences
Stressors to COVID-19 outbreak that are affecting the population
  1. Risk of being infected and infecting others, especially if the transmission mode is not clear in schools, health facilities etc.
  2. Risk of deteriorating physical and mental health for vulnerable individuals e.g. elderly, people with disabilities, caregivers etc.
  3. Frontline workers e.g. nurses, doctors, ambulance drivers, case identifiers etc. may experience additional stressors
  4. Stigmatization towards those working with affected patients
The first step to successfully manage a good state of mind is accepting that we are indeed faced with hard times. This then helps you to objectively follow all the safety precautions outlined by the law and health institutions.  As we commemorate Mental Health Awareness Week, we encourage you to do activities that are therapeutic and safe for a good state of mind. By Jonathan Ndede  


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