Marquee – The New Kid on the Block in Online Advertising

A few days ago, a friend launched a product called Marquee that I really would love to share, I am doing this because the product blew my mind and when the beta version 2.0.0 of was released I was vindicated, the ‘blowing off’ was justified. You see, we live in quite different era where businesses are grappling with ways and means of reaching as many audiences as possible than before, in many instances, business owners are stuck in a rut of promoting their products on their own social media pages, but you can’t have your cake and eat it.  The best move is to give it to professionals in the digital marketing space to hold your hands and help evangelize your business, products & services online, and that’s what Marquee is doing – Putting your Business on the map, #KuwaVisible.

This team of software engineers have two platforms, web-based portal and mobile app which in my opinion is quite straightforward.  For now, only the web portals have been launched and doing business.  As the mobile apps are being built, you can start doing business now as a service provider or vendor by using these links to upload details of your trade e.g. items you want to sell, or service provision through marquee advertising.  The Marquee online advertising platform will help drive your products and services by getting the word out there to millions of online shoppers as online presence is the only busy street that you need.  The power of the internet will help you put the word out there to sell anything from automobiles, clothes, cosmetics and many more, just post it online on Marquee.

The most genius part of this product, the Marquee which I also think is a killer component is charge-per-click on adverts, contacts, and social media, not impressions, and there is no time-bound on the adverts, the listing expires when you are clicked out.  In this way, you will know by using the data analytics dashboard as an advertiser as to how many online shoppers/people have actually interacted with your product as opposed to blanket viewing (impressions) where you aren’t sure whether your product was seen or attracted interested buyers.

Try it out, it WORKS! – use this link

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