Marquee – Best Online Advertising Platform in Kenya

Marquee is the best online advertising platform in Kenya to get your product or service out in the spotlight where it can be seen and experienced by potential customers.  It is a paradigm shift on how digital and online advertising business should be carried out.

The Marquee Platform from Ngamia Haulers helps you put your Business on the Map as online is the busy street for doing business in the 21st Century and 4IR especially in Kenya.   We’re excited to announce the launch of this new product for online advertising to put your business right in the mainstream, this will help your business to gain traction in terms of visibility and accessibility and also to make you have some business conversions because you’ll be among the first to showcase your products and services to thousands of potential customers waiting online given that the Millennials and Generation-Z (Gen-Z) spend between 12-18 hours online to shop.

This is how the Marquee Online Advertising Platform works:

  1. It is a click-based platform. i.e. as an advertiser you post an advert through and it gets approved and published by the admin to
  2. The advert’s total clicks are calculated based on the package selected i.e. Platinum, with the highest number of clicks followed by Gold, Silver and Bronze respectively.
  3. As the viewers of views and clicks adverts, the total number of clicks given depletes as many viewers interacts with your posted advert.
  4. As an advertiser, you can opt to renew your running advert before the clicks are completely depleted to get more visibility and clicks from potential customers online.

Visit us now and browse using this link to start your online journey and also to browse or view numerous products and services online. “#KuwaVisible”

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