Market Penetration Strategies

Once a new company makes an entry into the market, it strives for space and penetration with an aim of launching a product so as to gain market share.  A company that is trying to adopt a growth strategy of market penetration must always remember to implement plans and tactics to challenge competition to boost sales.  Some golden rules apply like , who is the competition? What they do? and what they have achieved in order to put measures to realize the company set goals.  These baseline analyses will support key concepts that competition may not have, and provide the basis for market entry and penetration.  

Here are some of the action plans Ngamia Haulers Platform is taking to achieve successful market penetration

Successful Marketing Campaign 

This is crucial in trying to push  products like the Ngamia Apps into the market.

  • A business marketing plan with objectives and strategies to acquire and retain new consumers.
  • Leveraging on communication channels to create product awareness.
  • Reviewing the campaign objectives and resources.  

Outlining possible Risks and Growth 

A very effective process that shouldn’t be ignored because inorganic growth can be risky. Its effective to come up with a clear list of risks that the business may be prone to. This makes it easy to understand the product and its market. Once there is a clear product understanding, it gets easy in outlining measures to be put in place to curb these risks. 


Thinking Different 

Market competition needs innovative and unique approaches in doing business.  These factors would involve taking time to interact with potential customers for product offering and use awareness; making the product available on various platforms and improving service options available and delivery locations to widen the distribution network,  increase sales conversion and modify the product to be user friendly,  


Competitive Advantage 

By defining competitive advantages that would make it hard for new entrants into the market segment.  This makes business more attractive to investors because of  the potential of a quick return on investment (ROI).  Your unique invention or innovation should be patented to help put at bay competition in the same space hence reducing variable costs, and realization of gross margins which will improve market share. 

By putting these action plans in place, an organization will be assured of increased customer base and organic growth. 


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