What can you do with KES 5? Probably not much with this economy but guess what, you can actually make your business visible with that amount on https://marquee.africa. You’re probably wondering what is this Marquee? Well, Marquee is the Number One Online Advertising platform in Kenya where MSMEs can advertise their goods and services with the aim of gaining online visibility, connecting with potential customers online and growing their social media channels. There are so many great reasons why you need to advertise your business with https://marquee.africa today, but I’ll go with the ongoing #KuwaVisible campaign. The #KuwaVisible campaign allows you to advertise your business on Marquee platform for only KES 5. Marquee operates on clicks, which are determined by the amount of money you’ve put in to advertise your business. #KuwaVisible is one of our most recent package that’s going to run for a very short period of time, giving you a total number of 2,000 clicks. This package allows you to upload up to 5 images of your business, in addition to your business information i.e. business description, location and social media channels. In addition to your business gaining online visibility through Marquee, our very able team will make sure you get a weekly report on how your advert is performing on the platform, as well as reminding you to renew your advert before you’re clicked out of the platform so as to keep enjoying online visibility. Marquee is unique because our packages are not time bound, as long as you have clicks, your advert will still be running on our platform. Sign up today on https://marquee.africa and gain market visibility for your business. Usikubali kuwachwa nyuma #KuwaVisible.

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