Impact of Corporate Branding

Are you a multinational outfit like the Coca Cola, Cadbury, Microsoft, Apple, Luxury Vehicle Manufacturers? A small Business Enterprise or a Freelancer? Whichever the case, your reputation is important especially when it comes to corporate branding which will drive the company mission, and culture to achieve and realize its vision.   What Is A Brand and Why Do You Need to be Concerned? Corporate branding is supreme from every aspect doing and being in business, also an authority in a line of business as has been noticed.  Any product developed under a respected brand will always have a head-start in Return-On-Investment (ROI) as part of a company’s revenue generation strategy.   So, what is really a definition of Branding in some quotas? It’s the act of marking with an iron; specifically burnishing on cattle during movement or sale and has been adopted in the corporate circles to help drive sales and marketing of products and services which would instill trust and also have a following as pertains to the consumption of these products and services. Companies build brands to instill reputation and foster respect in their space of business. Reputation is an attempt at summarizing all the qualities and values that you stand for and hope to promote. It could be positive or negative. Branding creates positivity like transparency, honesty, accountability, responsiveness, reliability, and flexibility so that the company’s core values are realized through one focal point – The Brand which creates an identity to help consumers have a better perception of the company and/or product. How does branding tie to your revenue generation strategies?
  1. Branding allows you to get onto your potential customer’s radar; prospects will inevitably come to you with good intentions leading to business referrals.
  2. Your product or service becomes trustworthy and purchase-worthy building financial value.
  3. Brand consistency ensures customer satisfaction and retention which in turn sustains revenue streams.
  4. Effective branding gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets enabling you to gain a good percentage of market share.
The greater the effort and devotion to build Brand Value and perspective, the greater the Return-On-Investment (ROI). So, if you want a business enterprise or empire to exist for generations to come and create wealth, there has to be a continuous definition in building and promoting your corporate brand, and its start immediately the company is still in its formative stage as a start-up. By: Mona Okello  


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