How to Advertise Online with Marquee

Advertising Online on the Marquee platform is as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Registration/ Login
You can use the link,, as an advertiser to create an account by providing your personal details i.e. Name, Email Address, Phone number and Password.  An email will be sent from the system for you to confirm the account created. This will enable you to activate the account and access the advertiser portal. The same process can be done through the link which will redirect you to the advertiser’s portal to do the same process as explained prior.
  1. Posting an Advert

Once you are logged in through, there are two options on how to go about posting an advert:

a) Click “Adverts” on the left Menu right below “Home” then select “Create Advert”. Fill in the required fields, add your existing social media pages and then select an appropriate package you are comfortable with or that suits you. The packages include Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze and each package has different number of clicks as per the details given. The next step is to upload photos that will appear on the viewers portal

b) On the far right of the homepage, there is a blue button with the wording “Create Advert”. Click the button which will direct you to the same processes like a) above.
  1. Payment and Publishing of an Advert
After finishing the process of “Posting an Advert”, proceed to the “Make Payment” where you will be required to enter the amount to spend within the selected package limits.  This is completely an automated a digital/mobile payment process.  The automated process will authenticate your payment and allow you to publish your posted advert. Your advert will be reviewed and approved by the company customer service team then authorized for its publication for viewers to start seeing it/them online by using this link
Find the benefits of advertising online on Marquee here:

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