Gender Equality at Ngamia

UN WOMEN Organization puts emphasis on empowering women to participate fully in economic life across all sectors as an essential pillar to building stronger economies, achieving internationally agreed goals for development and sustainability, and improving the quality of life for women, men, families, and communities. At Ngamia Haulers Platform Ltd we strongly believe and share the UN WOMEN vision and UNDP Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) e.g. Gender Equality and Reduced Inequalities etc. and practicing to reinforce the following in our corporate space: –  1.Women in Business  In the recent past, males have dominated entrepreneurship, business, corporate world, executive positions, and due to paradigm shifts in lifethe environment is ripe and making it possible for women to take their place in the society as contributors in the development agenda in different capacities.  This has been made possible because more women are now educated, and businesses are striving to implement the SDG Goals.  They are now coming out in numbers because of expertise in different fields as opposed to before where different labels would define them even though they continue to face a myriad of challenges.  2. Prejudice and Biases  It’s foolhardy to think that some jobs can only be performed by men, but it’s been proven beyond any reasonable doubt that women also can perform some of these duties as men with proper training and capacity building.  As demand rises in different sectors of the economy, women now without prejudice or biasness are occupying functional and management levels positions where they call shots.  At Ngamia Haulers Platform Ltdwomen head and manage Business Engagement, Finance & Accounting, Digital Marketing, Business Intelligence, Data Science, and Analytics.   3. Management Skills  What prepares and makes performing middle-level managers in the daily handling of business activities in either start-ups or established companies is exposure, training, and capacity building.  Exposure to different facets of business divisions, and training in terms of seminars, management courses, etc.  These steps at a company level make it possible to improve the quality of women’s management level workforce.  It takes an executive decision and attitude towards gender to challenge the status quo.   4. Work-Life Balance  Ngamia completely understands women’s space/place in society, and they are celebrated in many ways since their responsibilities come in many shades like juggling in business, work, and family.  Ngamia human resource division understands the tight balancing act that comes with assigned duties which when not handled well can lead to work overload and an overwhelmed and burn out associated with probable demotivated and less to non-performing personnel and a failing business.  By Maggie Esheri  


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