Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How do I set up Ngamia account?

Install the customer app on Google Play or App store and proceed to signup.

How Do I Place a Service Request?

Use the Ngamia Customer App, tap on “Request for Transport” and follow the prompts provided

What Forms Of Payment Do You Accept?

In-System Payments and Mobile Money

How Are The Transportation Fees Calculated?

The fees are calculated based on mileage, tonnage and type of service.

Can I add a stop for another package within my selected route?

You can add stops by including them when requesting for the service as the Platform Supports Consolidation.

Does Ngamia own any trucks?

We do not own any truck. We work with the best transporters in the market and ensure that they deliver your package as required

Am I Protected Against Loss or Damage while my Goods are on Transit?

You will need to obtain insurance of your goods in transit.

What Is The Cancellation Policy?

Upon Cancellation, You will receive a refund minus convenience fees.

How Do I Contact Someone if Something Doesn’t Work Properly on the Platform?

Use any of our Social Media Platforms and for Further information contact support on 020 8000 432

What if I am not happy with a Particular Transporter or the Service was not satisfactory?

Simply Rate the Service Provider and Leave a comment.

What Operating Systems does the Ngamia App support ?

Ngamia Apps are available for Android and iOS. Coming Soon to Web


How can I become a Ngamia Transporter?

Simply download the Ngamia Transporter App on Google Play Store, Appstore  and register.

How do I bid for requests on the platform?

On the dashboard in your app, you’ll see all the available requests and tap on the one you want to do then place your bid.

How do I receive my payments?

You will receive payments in full via M-PESA once the trip is completed and the customer has confirmed.

Am I liable for loss or damage of the goods in transit?

You will need to obtain insurance for your goods in transit.

How do I on-board drivers?

On your Transporter App, click the Management’ button then Manage Drivers and key in the details of the drivers you want to on-board.

What if I don't have a driver for my vehicle? Can Ngamia help me acquire one?

You can be linked to a Freelance Driver through our Platform.

How do I on-board my vehicle(s)?

On your Transporter App, click the Management’ button then Manage Vehicles and key in the details of the vehicle you want to on-board.

How many Vehicles can I register as a transporter?

You can register as many vehicles as you have

What kind of vehicles can I add on to my Ngamia account?

The vehicles allowed to the platform range from pick-ups, vans, closed body trucks, open body trucks, flatbeds, trailers and high sides.