Building Brand through 4C’s

The 4P’s – Product, Price, Place, Promotion are marketing matrix which is product-focused as opposed to being customer-centric as in the 4C’s Many business outfits endeavor to be customer-centric, an approach that enables them to provide a positive experience that would help gain customer base, maintain competitive advantage, and drive profit margins through the 4C’s Model – Customer, Cost, Convenience, Communication. At Ngamia, we enhance capacities in delivering on services and goals while equipping business partners to keep building on achievements through data analytics, business intelligence, robotic process automation, and reporting. This is how we implement the 4C’s model.
  1. Connecting customers to service providers in the transport, logistics, and supply value chain through mobile apps that are secure, and gives an exciting digital experience.
  2. Conservatively priced to support the service suppliers.
  3. Provision of convenience as the Ngamia Apps fits within the palm of user’s hands
  4. Two-way conversations through phone calls, social media, focus groups, and chatbots to respond to customers’ needs.
With 4C’s, Customers are more empowered than before and are at the center of company vision and mission for growth.  Companies need to be customer-centric by: –
  1. Adopting agile innovation and development of new products to reinforce the customer base and eliminate the risks of becoming irrelevant.
  2. Providing solutions through research and identifying customer’s needs (Trying to resolve pain points or barriers).
  3. Acquiring stellar customer care capabilities.
  4. Delivering real customer value in order to drive and encourage loyalty.
These factors will differentiate you from the mediocrity of doing business to a successful business out where customers are fully satisfied with your product and are central to your success and growth by building a solid reputation in the long run and achieving targeted Return on Investment (ROI).  


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