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Are you a Mover? And would you like to Make Money from your business? Take the 1st step by Clicking here to Download Ngamia Transporter App now because, at Ngamia, we are focused on offering our customers transport services that meet and exceed their expectations through our value propositions of Convenience, Efficiency, Affordability, Security and above all, very Effectively. As a mover, we welcome you on board. We don’t promise anything but to connect you to much-needed businesses through partnership to help grow your business.  After downloading, self-list your Moving services to be able to have visibility of customers who needs your services – Sit back, Relax, and Start Minting Money by using the best transportation app. The customer/consumers on the Ngamia Platform will rate your services and experience that might open your business to a new whole dimension as the higher the rating the more customers will be at your doorstep waiting to be served by you.  As prospecting Mover looking for business while on our platform, here are some of the three (3) indications to win over valuable customers to offer services to: –
  1. Price 
Customers are looking for a painless moving experience that does not create a hole in the pocket, and definitely a manageable budget to handle.  At Ngamia, the platform doesn’t dictate price, but the BID functionality would make the customer PICK the right Mover at just the right price, and that bidding is done by you. Don’t we all in need of affordability, without exploitation?
  1. Professionalism 
It’s always a pleasure to work with a mover who keeps their word. This will save you a lot of headaches and send more business your way through Ngamia Transporter App. Customers highly value movers who are punctual, handle customers items with care – No damages or Breakage, No Losses, etc. with excellent moving experience with easy and hassle-free. At Ngamia, we will expect feedbacks for every mover like this “They made my moving so easy. Everything was handled with care. No hustles at all. It’s like sleeping in one house and waking up in another” – These kinds of feedback would be professionalism delivered at its best and will keep you in business as a Mover in the long-term.
  1. Handling Valuable Items
This is a grey area when it comes to moving with lots of precautions to be taken.  It’s just professional for customers to disclose and provide a list (well written/recorded) for these items to be moved before-hand.  On the palm of your hand, the app has a functionality to take a photo for records before and after moving.  Also, it’s a golden rule to confirm if everything is in order before leaving customer’s premises to avoid complaints or bad reviews which may affect you negatively on Ngamia platform. With COVID-19  pandemic as we speak, keeping clean and neat as a mover is a bonus with the new normal of sanitizing, and keeping physical distance which feeds into keeping a clean environment. In moving it’s also important to ensure that movers vehicles are kept clean at all times and fumigated. In the worst-case scenario e.g., a client can have house-hold bugs which have the potentials to rapidly multiply into thousands within a period of only six months, and these pests normally breed in the house-hold items like in the mattress seams, bed frames and behind furniture. These kinds of bugs can be transferred from public places, transport vehicles, hostels, etc. which calls for proper and thorough checks thoroughly and even fumigation before moving.  Here is a good read as a mover to take precaution Thanks for reading and please don’t forget to Download the Ngamia Transporters App now, and welcome aboard the ultimate Transport Digital Experience platform. Cheers, and see you on the other side.  This is an open platform that will help you address everyday challenges as a mover, so please share in the comments section, and let’s keep the conversation going.  

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