Transport Made Easier by Ngamia Customer App.

What comes to mind when you think about house moving? I’m sure stress is one of them. Moving houses can be very stressful, especially when you have to think about hustling for a reliable transporter, the packing, and the whole process.  Emphasis on the transporter because where do you get one for heaven’s sake? You will most likely ask your friends and family for recommendations, you can also decide to check online or consult the transporters parked at the corner of the entrance of your estate with the “ask for transport” posters on their vehicles, who are most likely going to overcharge you. However, thank God for internet as you can go online and easily look for a transporter. This is where Ngamia Customer app, which makes moving easy for you, comes in. Imagine having to choose a transporter with the price of your choice at the comfort of your house? Now that I have your attention, let me tell you more about Ngamia Customer app. Ngamia customer app is a mobile application that allows you, as a customer, to access a wide range of transport services online. This app offers transportation of goods like agricultural produce, building & construction materials, hardware products, furniture, house and office moving. The platform has a wide range of vehicles categorized into different tonnages, including vans, pickups, box and open body trucks. To get started, you have to download the application from Google play or iOS App store, install, register (create an account) then login and request for a transport service. During registration, you’ll be required to fill in your full name and a working email address. After login, you can now proceed to request for a service. When requesting for a service, you’ll need to provide details like;  
    1. Pickup location and destination – The locations where your goods will be picked and dropped by a transporter.
    2. What you’re transporting – Items being transported. E.g. agricultural produce, furniture etc.
    3. Pickup date and time – The exact time and date you want your goods to be transported.
    4. Vehicle type – The type of vehicle and tonnage you need to transport your goods. E.g. Pickup, box body, high-side etc.
    5. Alternative contacts – These are contacts of alternative person(s) who can be contacted at the pick-up and drop off points, in case you might not be present.
    6. Goods Description – This is a detailed description of the goods being transported to help the transporter know how to handle them.
  On submission, your request is broadcasted to different transporters on the system with the vehicle types you may need.  The transporters who can handle your request place bids which are then sent back to you to choose the most preferred transporter. After accepting your most preferred bid, the transporter is notified about the acceptance. You are then required to make an upfront payment into the Ngamia escrow account for the service until the transporter completes the service request. After payment, you’ll get the transporter’s contacts and so will the transporter. You can then proceed to link up and plan to get the job done. During start of the trip, you as the customer confirms start of the trip and confirms end of trip when the transporter completes the request. The transporter gets paid after you confirm the end of the trip, then can rate the transporter.

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