The e-Logistics Portal

How about managing all your logistics operations in a single platform? Well, no need to imagine because we are introducing a platform that is making logistics cool again.

Ngamia Logistics Portal is an e-Transport and e-Logistics breath taking innovation to help eliminate the usual traditional ways of managing logistics.  We reduce frequent use of paper, pen, word of mouth and phone calls.

Our e-Logistics platform makes it easier for transporters to manage vehicles and drivers through addition, editing, activation, and deletion.   To efficiently run their transport businesses, the platforms makes it easier to receive requests from their sales team, or general population, bid for the services for better pricing, assign suitable vehicles, and drivers to help deliver value to consumers. After a successful bid, and allocation of resources to a new request, the transporter is in a position to track the status of the service i.e. bidded, accepted, ongoing and completed.

Now with this revolutionary platform, how can it be accessed by transporters who are interested, and would like to change the way they do business?  The platform can be accessed through this link to continue with your operations as an existing transporter, or registering as a new entrant.   The registration is free of charge, and transporters can manage a minimum of two (2) vehicles and drivers. To enjoy more functionalities, you will have to have from three (3) vehicles and drivers to access additional future services

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